For several years we have tried to harmonize the increasingly concentrated external electrical and electromagnetic interference fields with a system that is able to convey well-being and protection.

Inspired by the statements of our customers and the media, we have decided to develop a Tachyon product that is able to harmonize the following pathogenic influences:

• Hartmann grid / • Curry grid
• Water Veins / • Discard Lines
• High-voltage cables / • Lane cables
• Mobile antennas / • UMTS signals and WiFi networks

After several years of development and research work and extensive tests, we are now able to present a product that is unique in its kind: PHAROS II

The PHAROS II is manufactured in our workshops. From the woodworking to the gilding of the indigo blue silicon disc, all the steps are done by our staff in careful work.

The PHAROS II and its components are manufactured using only the purest materials such as maple, crystalline silicon and pure gold.

Position it (facing north) in your living or working area.

We recommend lying it at the level between the belly button and the solar plexus; i.e. about 1.10 meters from the ground.

Color: blue / purple

Illustrations not to scale. Ø 240 x 40 mm, weight: 1.240g

Delivery time about 2 weeks

New product

Pharos II

Harmonization of pathogenic influences

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