So that you can also benefit from vitalized water while showering, we have developed the AQUAJET. Many users notice within a short time that since the installation of the AQUAJET the skin and also the hair feel noticeably more vital.

Economic Benefits: This product actively helps to relieve the household budget. With the AQUAJET, conventional shower heads without water-saving technology can be retrofitted quickly and inexpensively. With it, the water and energy consumption of conventional showerheads can be reduced by up to 30%.

Saving water while showering is particularly useful and productive, because at the same time valuable drinking water and expensive energy for hot water are saved. Daily showering consumes more energy than all household electrical appliances, including light, taken together.

Note: The AQUAJET is not suitable for non-pressurized devices (storage heater, hot and warm water storage, etc.)!

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