The special construction of the body acts like a Faraday cage and prevents even the strongest lightning bolts can not penetrate into the interior of the car.

The occupants are effectively shielded from the natural electromagnetic lightning. The metal body, however, also shields from positive natural radiation, e.g. negatively polarized ions. This often causes the occupants to tire faster, and sometimes. also react with discomfort, because the organism too little negative polarized ions are supplied.

With tachyons, the number of negatively polarized ions in each vehicle can be significantly increased by sticking together the tachyonized MOTAC FENG SHUI silicon rondels (interior, front and rear windows). The effect is immediately noticeable, because the body cells are stimulated with more oxygen, which has a very positive effect on the entire organism.

Terraline Produkt

Motac Feng Shui for the car

Short info: Harmonization of electro smog

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